Project44, a leader in shipment visibility for the global logistics community, announced on Friday it has expanded its tracking services into China, giving shippers a real-time view of their truckload shipments within Asia.

In recent years, trucking technology has continued to improve in China as companies have been incentivized to invest in newer trucks enabled with electronic logging devices (ELDs), allowing visibility companies to track their movements and create a more resilient supply chain.

“At project44 we want to be wherever our customers need us, which means being connected to carriers all over the globe. For the first time ever, shippers can have a true global view of their supply chain network in a single platform,” said Jett McCandless, CEO and founder of project44, in the release. “With our expansion into Asia Pacific, we are considering the capabilities, regulations and intricacies within each country which is key to delivering value to our current and future customers.”

The company has been praised for its leadership in the visibility space and was listed as a leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platforms. This visualization tool is used by supply chain actors to evaluate potential vendors for shipment tracking tools.

“Over the past year, Gartner has seen a dramatic increase in interest for Real-Time Transportation Visibility (RTTV) in the Asia Pacific,” said Bart A. De Muynck, research vice president of transportation technology at Gartner. “The sheer size of the Asia Pacific region combined with the diverse cultures spread across it creates unique challenges for transportation. Organizations that operate complex global supply chains often favor visibility solutions that can be implemented and utilized worldwide. project44 is recognized as a leader by Gartner for its strong presence in both North America and Europe. Enterprise shippers that operate in Asia will benefit from project44’s expanded carrier coverage in China.”

This announcement brings good news for U.S. manufacturers looking to get more visibility into China and other Asian markets as they continue to strengthen their supply chains after past logistics hurdles like tariff negotiations and pandemic shutdowns. This visibility will also allow Asian customers of project44 to receive the same transportation tracking that Western markets have been more commonly used to.

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