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On today’s episode, Dooner and The Dude are talking about the return of in-person events. Find out the logistics behind getting the goods to events as well as their importance to groups like St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund.

Plus, data-driven trailer rentals; why you need to monitor your DOT number; oversight panel says Yellow increased lobbying efforts ahead of $700M loan; SPAC rumor mill churns over autonomous truck software developer Plus; this week in pricing power; detergent applied to roofs causes British Columbia Creek to fill with foam; what states have the rudest drivers; and more.

They’re joined by special guests Oren Zaslansky, founder/CEO of FlockFreight; Shannon Currier, director of philanthropy and development, St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund; Matthew Leffler, vice president of trailer solutions, vHub; and Rick Malchow, industry business adviser, J. J. Keller.