Dooner and The Dude are back for the second special episode of WHAT THE TRUCK?!? during FreightWaves LIVE @HOME. They host a slate of guests from every corner of the logistics industry and get some good insights from top to bottom. 

First they welcome Melissa Forman, chief strategy officer at TriumphPay, to talk about how integrated payments are growing in scale and popularity. She discusses the upcoming acquisition of HubTran and how the loop payment system will impact the industry. 

Next up is TAI Software VP of Sales Sean McGillicuddy, who explains how he thinks brokers should approach visibility. McGillicuddy also talks about the tools available to provide that visibility and where people can go to source information in a productive way.

The guys bring on J.B. Hunt’s Shelley Simpson and ask her all about leadership, health and work-life balance in the corporate world. Simpson talks about what leaders can do to support mental health initiatives in their companies and make taking time off to heal not such a scary thing to do. 

Up fourth is Trey Griggs, VP of sales at Lean Solutions, and he breaks down how the economic rebound is shaping up as COVID-19 restrictions continue to ease. 

Next is Redwood Chief Innovation Officer Eric Rempel, and Dooner and The Dude ask him all about how to expand return on investment for companies branching out into new technologies. Rempel discusses the future goals for Redwood and how the company is adjusting to meet clients’ needs. 

Lastly Deepak Patnaik from Here joins the show and breaks down the evolution of last-mile delivery over the last year. He talks about the massive e-commerce shift and what will have to change again now that people are returning to brick-and-mortar shopping experiences. 

You can find more WHAT THE TRUCK?!? episodes and recaps for all our live podcasts here.

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