The logistics industry is full of unpredictability, and safety is no exception. It is impossible to predict exactly when an incident will occur on the road. It is possible, however, to have a predictable system for processing safety issues and handling corrective training, driving down the odds of the same types of issues continuing unchecked. 

Disjointed systems are the norm in the safety and compliance world. It is not uncommon for details to get lost and reports to go missing while being transferred between systems. This system switching also contributes to application fatigue for both individual drivers and carriers as a whole, ironically creating a breeding ground for more safety and compliance issues. 

A single system that allows carriers to go paperless, stay compliant, and reclaim their focus would be well-poised to combat inefficiencies and promote safety. That is why Tenstreet created a solution that does exactly that. 

Tenstreet is known for leveraging the power of the data, the power of one system, to hire a driver in the most efficient and complete manner,” Tenstreet Transportation Advisor Marilyn Surber said. “That is what we’re bringing to the safety space as well. You will be able to manage your driver completely from one dashboard.”

By integrating with technology companies across the industry, Tenstreet has been able to expand its one-stop-shop recruiting platform to cover the entire driver life cycler. Now carriers are able to see and manage everything about a driver – from pre-hire information to safety incidents to retention results  – all in one place.

“We really want to help the carrier manage the entire life cycle of the driver from one platform, starting in the recruitment aspect and expanding to safety,” Surber said. “We also want to help the driver manage their whole career through the app in the same way. We want to take them from the application process all the way through communicating with their current employer.”

With the Tenstreet platform, safety coaches can see the full picture of the driver’s history before making phone calls to address incidents or provide training. This eliminates the need to move between systems, reducing the likelihood that valuable training opportunities will be  overlooked or incidents will go unaddressed. 

“Our system leverages all of the data points that a company has on a driver and allows them to respond appropriately based on that information,” Surber said. “Having all these data points in our system allows for some really unique automation that other systems just don’t allow for. By managing drivers in one place, you can coach or assign training just in one click.”

The platform provides a new level of visibility and predictability in the driver management space. This is the key to solving app fatigue and ultimately moving beyond “good enough” for your driver safety practices and into excellence. 

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