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Amazon has seen continued growth and dominance through the pandemic, and its path looks bright for the future as well. On this episode of Point of Sale, Andrew Cox looks at the data that showcases just how valuable Amazon is from retail to logistics. 

Cox welcomes analyst Marc Wulfraat, founder and president of MWPVL International Inc. and curator of the most robust dataset that covers all aspects of Amazon’s excellence. 

Wulfraat details all the information he has compiled about Amazon Logistics in recent years and how the data provides a forecast platform for what Amazon is capable of in the future. Cox asks how all the different service offerings could become cohesive and what it will take to make Amazon grocery delivery successful coming out of warehouses. 

Cox and Wulfraat discuss how soon it will be before Amazon and UPS are significant competitors and the distinct advantages Amazon holds when it comes to parcel delivery. 

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