The Daily Dash is a quick look at what’s happening in the freight ecosystem. In today’s edition, we highlight FedEx’s looming rate increases, the rise of chief sustainability officers and more.        

The High Five

1. Effective June 21, FedEx Corp. will have a special delivery for customers: significant percentage increases to three delivery surcharges. Mark Solomon’s story

2. The nation’s top trucking research group plans to update previous studies on the effects of legalized marijuana and other drugs on truck safety along with integrating 18- to 20-year-old drivers into the industry. John Gallagher in Washington

3. Chief sustainability officers are popping up in corporate boardrooms worldwide as the importance of sustainability grows clearer to consumers, investors and businesses. Alyssa Sporrer’s report

4. With the launch of Uber Freight’s Shipper Platform on Tuesday, Canadian shippers will be able to directly plug into the company’s marketplace for real-time pricing and available capacity. Grace Sharkey with the details

5. The multibillion-dollar North American automotive sector, which includes one of the largest components of U.S.-Mexico trade, could dramatically change as many automakers make a substantial shift to manufacturing electric vehicles. Noi Mahoney’s feature

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