Streaming service Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) has released the trailer for its recent $18 million European film purchase, “The Ice Road.” The action-thriller is led by the “Taken” trilogy star, Liam Neeson, and features an all-star crew including Lawrence Fishburne (“ The Matrix”), Holt McCallany (“Mindhunter”), Amber Midthuner (“Legion”) and Matt McCoy (“Jack Ryan”).

Neeson plays the role of Mike, an experienced ice road truck driver who signs up with his right-hand mechanic to join Goldenrod’s (Fishburne) rescue team as they set out to deliver 300 feet of pipe to a collapsed, remote diamond mine to save the trapped miners. 

The catch: The team only has 30 hours to drive across a 300-mile, thawing ice road before the miners run out of air.

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While the plot is dramatic, ice road driving is a very hazardous, but necessary, segment of the transportation industry.

Ice roads are typically found in the northernmost regions of the world, specifically Alaska, northern Canada and other Arctic areas, and the longest such road is on the Kuskokwim River in Alaska. It stretches along 355 miles of the river from Tuntutuliak to Sleetmute.

These roads are built upon frozen waterways to allow access to areas that cannot be reached by regular roadways or other modes of transportation, including ship or rail, due to hazardous weather conditions.

These types of roads have many driving limitations, including weight and speed limits (25-45 mph), no access allowed during the night and the inability to stop while on the road.

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Drivers do not wear seat belts due to the danger of drowning if the ice were to break and are taught to never turn off their engine, as the intense cold can often create problems for the truck.  

Due to the remote locations and lack of cell service, these drivers are usually quick on their feet and are experienced mechanics ready to handle any type of breakdown.

The trials and tribulations of ice road driving have made their way to screens before, particularly on the show “Ice Road Truckers,” which filmed from 2007 to 2017.

Now Neeson’s character aims to navigate these roads with his experienced platoon, with the film set to release on June 25.

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