On today’s episode, Dooner and The Dude are talking about moving freight 145 million years in the making: dinosaurs. Find out how velociraptors for one of the most popular film franchises on Earth, “Jurassic Park,” are moved.

Plus, pulling tugs, moving wine and an inside look at the world of hauling unusual freight.

Scale raised $7 billion and announced a partnership with Flexport to make manual logistics paperwork easier to execute and more accurate.

What it means to engineer your supply chain for autonomous trucking and why it’s a valuable move to make today.

They’re joined by special guests Glynn Spangenberg, chief commercial officer, Locomation; Robert Bussey, national account manager, BWS Logistics; Jason Good, brokerage director, Tranco National; and Melisa Tokmak, head of document products, Scale.

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