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FIRESIDE CHAT TOPIC: Fuller Speed Ahead: Innovation and Growth Strategies with Kendra Tucker of 

DETAILS: FreightWaves CEO Craig Fuller interviews Kendra Tucker on her move into the trucking industry last year when she joined 

SPEAKER: Kendra Tucker, chief revenue officer,

BIO: For more than 10 years, Tucker has grown and led teams across a variety of business models and industries. In her role as director of Vista Consulting Group’s go-to-market, she worked closely with portfolio companies to implement more effective and sustainable growth strategies and specialized in pushing customer teams to over 90% net retention through superior support and contracts that incentivized long-term partnerships. She joined Truckstop in 2020. Tucker also served as SVP of audience and platforms at Axios, a political news organization.


(Asked about what struck her about the trucking industry upon joining it last year): “I didn’t understand how deep the relationships run in freight. We want to be sure we are working to preserve it while adding people like me who have more software experience. We will do well to balance both of those.”

“When I look at the Truckstop business, what I get excited about is the ability to help it scale into the type of growth that we’ve got planned for the future.”

“We are seeing a surge in box trucks that sign up (for That is a segment we will monitor very closely, so we will see what the churn is like there. I do see it as the result of the last mile.”

“I think we might see more and more small brokers popping into this ecosystem into 2022 and beyond.”

“A conversation across the pandemic is whether there can be more job security for a broker if you strike out on your own as opposed to working for a large organization or institution. We’ll have to see how it shakes out, whether there will be more consolidation or more independent brokers.”


(On Tucker’s comments regarding smaller brokers): “It’s interesting because there is a view counter to this that market fragmentation is going to consolidate. It sounds like you’re seeing and believe there will be far more independent brokers than there are today. It’s like in banking, where a lot of midsize banks merge and then a lot of really small institutions are out there, so I could see something like that. It’s hard to accept that brokers will just go away.”

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