Stevens Transport was founded by Steven L. Aaron in Dallas, Texas in 1980 in the wake of the deregulation of the trucking industry. Steven had just sold his first business endeavor, Stevens Food, a meatpacking business based in Paris, Texas. 

Though he did not have much knowledge about the transportation industry, Steven did know the meat industry and began to search for customers there. In a time when other trucking companies were going under, Stevens Transport flourished. In the company’s infancy, it operated a small fleet of 13 trucks hauling poultry from Dallas to California. 

Growth through service

Stevens Transport is now the largest refrigerated trucking company in Texas and the fourth-largest privately owned refrigerated company in North America.

Today, Stevens Transport offers specialized temperature-controlled logistics for regional, dedicated, long-haul, intermodal/multimodal and expedited services in the continental United States, Canada and Mexico through a network of 100 satellite locations. 

The company has relationships with some of the largest household names in America, including Hershey’s, Kraft and Johnson & Johnson. The company boasts a special commitment to its drivers, and has not laid off a single driver in 36 years.

A Stevens Transport tractor-trailer on its way on behalf of a customer. (Photo: Jim Allen/FreightWaves)


The company provides specialized temperature-controlled logistics solutions for its clients across the modern supply chain. Since it first began, the company’s diversification has also been one of its keys to success. Its multi-modal capabilities include truckload, dedicated, regional, cross-border, and intermodal (rail). 

For 40 years Stevens’ truckload customers have received precision-operated refrigerated and dry van service across North America. 

During its tenure, the company has developed strategic relationships with Class I railroads CSX, Union Pacific, BNSF and Norfolk Southern – as well as drayage facilities located in key hub markets across North America. Each of its trailers is equipped for highway and rail service, providing maximum transportation flexibility.

Stevens Transport has a Dedicated Services Group whose services include guaranteed and consistent year-round capacity. Its dedicated fleet uses dynamic route optimization systems, on-site management and revenue-share programs to maximize utilization and help its customers save money.

Stevens Transport also provides focused services for time-sensitive and temperature-controlled freight moving across the Mexican and Canadian borders. It was one of the first trucking companies to develop cross-border solutions. 

A Stevens Transport rig passes a highway overpass. (Photo: Jim Allen/FreightWaves)

Carrier of Choice

Over the decades, Stevens Transport has received many awards from its clients. Among the awards the company has received in the last decade are:

2020 – General Mills Temperature Controlled Platinum Carrier of the Year
2020 – Target Outstanding Partner for First Mile F&B during COVID 
2019 – Tyson Foods Premier Carrier Award (also 2014)
2019 – Coca-Cola Carrier of the Year (also 2015 and 2013)
2019 – General Mills OTIF Temperature Controlled Carrier of the Year
2019 – Armada Temp Control Intermodal Carrier of the Year
2018 – Hershey Carrier of the Year
2017 – Hershey “OWN IT” award
2016 – Whole Foods Best In Class
2013 – Kraft Private Fleet Award
2013 – General Mills Temperature-Controlled Carrier of the Year (also 2012)
2013 – Kraft Transportation Partnership Award
2013 – Kraft Director’s Award
2013 – Perdue Director’s Award
2012 – Chiquita Express In Appreciation for 10 Years of Dedicated Service
2012 – Heinz North America FY12 Frozen Carrier of the Year
2011 – Thermo King Energy Efficiency Leader Award
2010 – Campbell Soup Temperature Controlled Truckload Carrier of the Year

“Transporting produce is a challenging task to master. It requires pinpoint communication, committed business partners and a flexible, dynamic business process. Stevens Transport has provided all of these and more through both high- and low-growth years, and is a truly distinguished service partner.
– Whole Foods