If you live in a city, one of the most frustrating things is traffic being blocked by a big delivery truck taking up a full lane on a busy street. That is a problem one company is hoping to solve with its curbside management program. 

Coord CEO Stephen Smyth joins Kaylee Nix on this episode of At Your Doorstep to explain how smart zones are helping businesses in cities schedule delivery times to minimize traffic blockage and maximize efficiency. 

Coord’s program allows users to schedule time at a specific curbside to guarantee parking space for deliveries.

Smyth says the goal is to make it easier for drivers to find parking in busy, urban spaces and make it safer for those drivers as they get out of the vehicle to drop off goods. Having a designated in and out time at a curbside loading zone and timing deliveries so there isn’t the risk of overlapping bookings is the first step to meeting that goal.

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