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Making mistakes in the sales world is unavoidable, and some disasters in freight sales can strike without warning. (See the Suez Canal, Texas freeze and all of 2020 as examples.) How can you avoid disaster when you see it looming?

Kevin Hill and Richie Daigle use this episode of Put That Coffee Down to give you some pointers on heading off catastrophic events in freight and navigating your clients through the inevitable problems when trouble does strike.

One of those problems is double brokering, and the two talk to Alex Schnitzer, vice president of sales at Chariot Logistics, about how brokers should handle this whack-a-mole problem. 

Schnitzer talks about whether he sees double brokering as just a little shady or if it crosses over into an illegal act. He also talks about what he does for clients when they fall into the murky waters of a possible double deal and how to come back from the trouble a double broker can get you in. 

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