Ware2Go, the UPS (NYSE: UPS) company that focuses on enabling merchants of all sizes to achieve one- to two-day shipping, announced a carbon emissions offset program for all customers shipping small parcel, less-than-truckload, truckload and air shipments within its network. All Ware2Go merchants are automatically enrolled in the program, which is retroactive to offset all shipments made since January, and is free to participate in.

“At Ware2Go, our goal is to build merchant relationships based on shared values. Sustainability is a key brand initiative for many of our clients and for Ware2Go as well,” said Patrick Cadic, Ware2Go chief revenue officer. “Our priority was to make our carbon offset shipping network easy to adopt and simply part of doing business with Ware2Go. That’s why we’ve chosen to fully fund the initiative and to automatically enroll all of our current and future clients so they can extend their sustainability efforts all the way to their customers’ doorsteps.”

Ware2Go is working with Pachama and will participate in a variety of carbon offset programs, from reforestation to old growth forest conservation. The companies will work together to determine the monthly carbon emissions in metric tons of all shipments across Ware2Go’s network. Based on these emissions, Ware2Go will purchase the appropriate number of carbon credits on its clients’ behalf.

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Pachama uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to verify the carbon offsets it purchases are providing actual benefit. The technology remotely verifies projects to ensure adherence to international standards for carbon credits. Pachama customers are able to buy credits for up to five projects to include in a carbon portfolio. The company also measures a business’ carbon impact and works with it to select relevant projects. The company counts Microsoft, GitLab, Shopify, Softbank and Glovo among its global customers.

“Partnering with Ware2Go made sense from the start,” said Pachama co-founder and CEO Diego Saez Gil. “Pachama is using AI to democratize carbon offsetting in the same way that Ware2Go is using machine learning to simplify the supply chain for businesses of all sizes. Together we’re lowering the point of entry on sustainability so that any business can make a positive impact.”


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A Harvard Business Review study in 2019 found that 65% of consumers want to buy products from brands that advocate for sustainability, however, only 26% actually do. In fact, a separate Shopify (NYSE: SHOP) study last year found that while 49% of U.S. buyers would be willing to pay for sustainable shipping, when given the choice between sustainable shipping and longer shipping times, the “group was more likely to chose same-day or next-day shipping options,” Shopify reported.

Those brands using Ware2Go’s network now don’t have to choose.

Pachama has joined with several companies in recent weeks to offer carbon offset programs. E-commerce fulfillment company ShipBob as well as last-mile delivery management company Onfleet, which launched Onfleet Offset, have added offset programs recently. ShipBob is allowing customers to buy carbon offsets based on shipping emissions calculations tracked by Pachama. Onfleet is matching customers’ offset purchases, contributing a total of $8 per metric ton of emissions ($4 from the customer and $4 from Onfleet) for Pachama to invest.

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