Surge Transportation is the fastest growing 3PL in the logistics space today. Based in Chicago and Jacksonville, they offer unrestricted access to almost all accounts, limitless territory, and a chance to be a key player in a growing company. To find out more email jobs@eric-lisciandrellosurgetransportation-com

Developing a solid relationship with your carriers can be one of the top strategies to employ as a broker, especially when it comes to leveraging prices. 

On this episode of Put That Coffee Down, Kevin Hill and Richie Daigle talk about relationship strategies on every step of the sales journey between brokers and carriers. They bring on Omar Singh, president of Surge Transportation, to talk about relationship-building and other sales strategies. 

The three also discuss the broker-to-carrier contract and how that can be one of the darker topics in transportation with fewer conversations revolving around those rates. 

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