Trucks Venture Capital announced it has launched two funds to make transportation safer, cleaner and more inclusive.

Trucks Venture Fund 2 (TVF2), its new core fund, recently closed on $52,525,252, an amount based on an infatuation with repeating numbers. The fund is backed by seven large global partners — three auto OEMs, three auto suppliers and one communications company that have not been disclosed — to create a knowledge network for future transportation entrepreneurs.

We raised our current fund, Trucks Fund 2, over the last year and since it’s had its final closing we can now talk about it in public. The new fund is $52,525,252 because I know you like repeating numbers.

Here is a thread for you…

— Reilly Brennan (@reillybrennan) June 10, 2021

The second fund, Trucks Venture’s follow-on Trucks Growth Fund, will focus on later-stage investments within the firm’s portfolio.

Trucks Venture’s team consists of a variety of transportation-related talent and tenure, including general partner, Reilly Brennan, who has decades of experience within the auto industry, general partner, Jeffrey Schox, who has past electric vehicle engineering experience with General Motors and senior associate, Puneeth Meruva, who has developed software for companies like Uber and BMW.

Since 2015, Trucks Venture has made impactful investments in several companies with TVF2, including May Mobility, an autonomous mobility company; Aperia, a tire inflation technology; Axle Payments, a freight factoring company; Coord, a mobility platform; Gatik, an automated urban logistics company; Joby, an electric air taxi startup, Refraction, a last-mile robotics company; and Universal Hydrogen, a hydrogen storage solution for aviation, who has recently closed a $20.5 million Series A round led by Playground Global. 

Trucks Venture also invested in Deepscale, which was acquired by Tesla in 2019 for an undisclosed amount.

‘No manels’

Trucks Venture is also invested in gender equity within the transportation space, creating a “no manels” policy — Trucks Venture’s male team members do not participate in group panels without a woman also on stage taking part. 

In support of the policy, Trucks Venture has created its “ultimate list of women transportation leaders,” consisting of female investors, journalists, consultants and executives who can be used as resources for event coordinators. 

A third of Trucks Venture’s portfolio consists of female-founded companies, according to its website.

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