Anthony Petitte, founder and CEO of TruckPark, joined this week’s episode of Taking the Hire Road to discuss drivers’ No. 1 concern, truck parking, with host Jeremy Reymer, founder and CEO of DriverReach.

Finding a place to rest after a long day’s drive can be difficult and dangerous, especially for truckers unfamiliar with the area. If truck stops or rest areas have no vacancy, opting for a parking lot or other location runs the risk of cargo theft, or worse, endangers the drivers themselves.

But drivers can rest assured knowing that their reserved parking spot is safe and secure when they use TruckPark, one of the nation’s fastest-growing truck parking and travel guidance services. 

Petitte stepped Reymer through the mobile app’s simple setup. Users create a profile to reserve a parking spot. Drivers input their trailer type, delivery or pickup location, and estimated time of arrival — all the nitty-gritty questions. TruckPark then compiles a list of the best available parking spots.

“They’re able to then look at all the visibility,” Petitte said. “We show them amenities and the description of the yard; we show them the latitude and longitude [of the yard], as well as its pricing and the space availability. 

Petitte said that TruckPark gets really creative with dynamic pricing, offering overnight and even monthly prices. Parking spots can be reserved up to 24 hours if needed.

“TruckPark is 100% for the driver,” Petitte said. “We have built a marketplace to provide safe and secure parking, and when we say secure, we mean fenced-in perimeters, camera surveillance; we’re here for you, and want to make sure you get a good night’s rest.”

Petitte touched on TruckPark Express, which the company states is the first-ever transportation loyalty card giving drivers access to secure parking locations, perpetual parking discounts and a proprietary rewards system for a variety of products and services.

“The loyalty card is going to be much different than anything the industry has ever put to market,” Petitte said. “We’re going to provide very great discounts at big chain hotels as well as discounts with maintenance and repair shops all over the country. We have roadside assistance partners, and even have food partners more on the healthy side. … We are literally creating a lifestyle community for the drivers; it hasn’t been launched yet, but we are in the process of doing so, and are very excited for it to come to market.”

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