Truck transportation jobs continued a steady rise in July, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with the not-seasonally adjusted figure again growing at a faster rate than the seasonally adjusted number.

Economists generally look to seasonally adjusted data as being more indicative of trends, as it seeks to smooth out short-term anomalies in numbers reported. 

According to the BLS data released Friday morning, seasonally adjusted jobs in truck transportation climbed 3,400 jobs in July from June, rising to 1,491,800 jobs. But the June figure was revised upward almost 2,000 jobs, so that the seasonally adjusted figure is now sitting at 5,300 jobs more than the original June figure reported a month ago. 

With May also being revised a second time, it shows the July jobs at 9,800 more than the number of truck transportation jobs in May.

The not-seasonally adjusted jobs for July were up a more impressive 9,700 jobs, rising to 1,512,800 jobs, for a difference of 21,000 jobs between the not seasonally adjusted figure and the seasonally adjusted number. The not seasonally adjusted total compared to a revised May figure is now a strong 33,600 jobs more than two months ago.

Other data showed strong hiring trends in the logistics field. Seasonally adjusted warehousing and storage workers were up more than 10,000 jobs, to 1,441,800 jobs, with a slightly smaller gain posted for not seasonally adjusted positions in that field. 

Courier jobs climbed to 1,006,400 on a seasonal basis, up 8,100 jobs from a month earlier. 

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