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Kevin Hill and Richie Daigle welcome two guests on this episode of Put That Coffee Down and they discuss a common theme: standing out and seeking value in the transportation industry. 

First up is Steve Ferreira, bestselling author of “Navigating B2B” and CEO of Ocean Audit, and the host of Navigate B2B here on FreightWavesTV. Ferreira talks about writing his book and how it can help readers broaden their understanding of the freight industry. 

He also discusses the importance of making a distinction between showing and telling during sales pitches and how that has helped lead him to success. 

The second guest is Omar Singh, president and founder of show sponsor Surge Transportation. Singh offers his opinions on using tech in the brokerage space; how does it help sellers stand out and how can it become a distraction if used in the wrong ways?

Hill and Daigle talk to Singh about his recent article for FreighWaves discussing the evolution of digital brokerage and why the traditional broker may not be fading out as quickly as it seems. 

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