The Daily Dash is a quick look at what’s happening in the freight ecosystem. In today’s edition, we highlight the states with the highest number of truck drivers testing positive for drugs and  alcohol, warehousing issues in Southern California and more.                      

The High Five

1. New data released by the federal Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse shows Texas topping the list of number of registered truck drivers with a positive drug and/or alcohol test violation but Louisiana ranking highest in violation rates based on number of employers. John Gallagher from Washington

2. A process four years in the making to regulate the emissions of truck traffic in and out of Southern California warehouses reached its end earlier this month with the adoption of a new rule that the warehouse industry says will ratchet up costs in the sector. John Kingston’s story

3. The transportation and logistics industry got a reminder — in the form of the ransomware attack that shut down Colonial Pipeline — of the kind of havoc hackers can wreak on businesses and their customers. It could just as easily have happened to a major truckload carrier or any company in the supply chain. Nate Tabak’s investigative report

4. Less than a month after Wingcopter introduced the world’s first triple-drop capable drone delivery system, San Francisco-area Skycart has gone a step further, announcing a drone capable of making four deliveries in a single flight. Brian Straight’s Modern Shipper story

5. New trailer orders slid to their lowest in several months in April as manufacturers warned fleets away from booking orders they cannot build for the rest of the year. Alan Adler’s report

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