The Daily Dash is a quick look at what’s happening in the freight ecosystem. In today’s edition, we highlight states’ quests for transportation project funding, the path to integrating countless drones into low-altitude airspace and more

The High Five

1. Most states are exploring ways to fund their transportation projects amid long-range forecasts of gradually declining fuel tax revenues due to more fuel-efficient internal combustion engines and the sales growth of electric-powered vehicles. Mark Solomon with details

2. The Federal Communications Commission is moving ahead with a Trump-era decision to reallocate wireless bandwidth set aside for vehicle safety despite warnings from trucking companies and technology experts that the move could affect the deployment and costs of truck platooning. John Gallagher’s article

3. The ability of regulators to safely and efficiently integrate millions of drones into low-altitude airspace will depend on the success of a strategy familiar to virtually everyone in the freight industry: exception management. Mark Solomon from the DroneWaves Summit

4. Trans-Pacific container rates from Asia to the U.S. that have doubled from a year ago to approximately $5,000 per box demonstrate an urgent need to pass President Joe Biden’s infrastructure package, according to a top West Coast port official. John Gallagher’s story

5. The growing footprint of warehouses in New Jersey has spurred the introduction of legislation that could slow its growth. John Kingston’s report

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