The Daily Dash is a quick look at what’s happening in the freight ecosystem. In today’s edition, we highlight the Oshkosh-Workhorse squabble over a Postal Service contract, as well as hopes for federal funding for truck charging stations and more.

The High Five

1. Oshkosh Truck Corp. can make 100% battery-electric delivery trucks for the U.S. Postal Service, undercutting an assertion by Workhorse Group that Workhorse’s being passed over for the contract dooms the mail service to remaining a source of planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions. Alan Adler on the dustup

2. President Joe Biden’s push to electrify the U.S. transportation sector is providing a platform for legislation that offers billions of dollars in grants and rebates for truck charging stations. John Gallagher’s article

3. Trucking companies nationwide that do business in California face tough choices after the industry’s exemption from that state’s independent contractor law was overturned. John Kingston with details

4. The strike at the Port of Montreal moved a step closer to ending after lawmakers in Canada’s House of Commons approved back-to-work legislation early Thursday. Nate Tabak’s story

5. Echo Global Logistics has reported its financial and operating results for the first quarter of 2021, touted by management as the “best quarter in Echo’s history.” John Paul Hampstead with more

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