The Daily Dash is a quick look at what’s happening in the freight ecosystem. In today’s edition, we highlight the continuing use of the cargo-in-cabin model for airlines, horrifying video of a train crashing into a truck and more.

The High Five

1. With airfreight rates several times higher than normal and tight capacity forecast for the remainder of the year, some airlines are continuing with the cargo-in-cabin model. Emirates, for example, has transported more than 11,000 metric tons over the past year — equivalent to more than 800,000 seats with cargo. Eric Kulisch with more

2. Every Friday, FreightWaves takes a look back at the week in social media highlighting trucking, transportation and weather. This week features severe storms in the Plains, a truck spill in Atlanta and a progress report on a major bridge repair in the South. Nick Austin’s Hot Shots

3. As we head into an extended weekend, many of the typical preholiday freight trends are playing out. Tender volumes have steadily risen this week while lead times have been extended. Supply Chain Pricing Power Index

4. USA Truck implemented a pay increase for its drivers earlier this month — notable because it was the company’s first increase in pay since 2018, while other companies have implemented multiple recent increases. John Kingston’s story

5. A heavily indebted Canadian trucking company has shut down after a court-appointed trustee assumed control of the Calgary, Alberta-based carrier and terminated 131 employees and contractors, most of them drivers. People Express Transport specialized in hauling produce and meat in western Canada and the U.S. Nate Tabak’s report

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