Talking to experts can be intimidating, whether you’re the one conducting the interview or the one being interviewed. Nervous subjects can lead to confusing content and leave the audience wondering what the core message is supposed to be. 

So how should you tailor your interview strategy to get the most out of your subjects? Blythe Brumleve looks at creating engaging content with subject experts on this episode of Cyberly. 

When a business decides it needs a new website or wants to start a new marketing campaign, most marketers will suggest starting with gathering insight from the experts within the company, also known as subject matter experts. How can you tap those SMEs for the best information they can give?

Kyle MacNaught of Freight+ explains his tactics used in real-world situations to help get information to help his company shine. 

Marcus Cooksey from also joins the show to talk about where he thinks carriers should be paying more attention: their back-office accounting. 

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