On today’s episode, Dooner and The Dude are finding out how to take the tension out of recruiting and retention. Is there a nationwide truck driver shortage and if so, why? We’ll dive into it.

Plus, keeping bandits away from your freight; OOIDA urges truckers to fight 556% insurance hike; pallet shortages; survey of motorists’ reckless behavior should be wake-up call for commercial fleets; Illinois trucking company with history of HOS violations files Chapter 7; truckers implicated in multimillion-dollar U.S.-Canada tobacco smuggling ring; and cicadas — they’re what’s for dinner.

They’re joined by special guests Robert Moffitt, EVP and director of operations for New Legend Inc.; Max Farrell, CEO of WorkHound; Charles Gracey, president of Hot Seat Services Inc.; and Krenar Komoni, CEO/founder of Tive.

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