Volumes for high-tech office equipment continue to soar. Bill Fallon, EVP of client solutions at AIT Worldwide Logistics, reported that his high-tech Fortune 500 clients see this growth as an outcome of continued investment in the equipment necessary for digital transformation. 

AIT Worldwide Logistics is a freight forwarder with more than 85 locations, providing sea, air and ground solutions for customers in just about every industry. Investments in cloud computing equipment and high-value components, like notebooks and laptop computers, suggest that even as pandemic restrictions are eased, remote and hybrid work environments are sticking.

“One customer is projecting year-over-year growth of no less than 25% for the remainder of the year,” said Fallon. “The second customer is forecasting a record quarter upcoming for total volume and shipments, so certainly very positive news coming out of the vertical for our clients.”

However, tight capacity pervades, and this industry feels those effects acutely in the Asia Pacific air cargo space, largely because passenger capacity has only returned to the market in isolated cases. Therefore, the procurement team at AIT has been depending on charter and part-charter planes for capacity in order to meet those required delivery dates for customers. 

“Where we have the most success is where we have the collaborative discussions with our customer base, when we’re able to discuss what their forecasts, projections, lane pairs and commodities are, so we’re able to engineer solutions for our customers to meet demand for manufacturing and deliver unto their customers as well,” Fallon said.