It seems like everyone and their mom has a new podcast hitting the airwaves these days, so how do you differentiate yourself and stand out in the saturated platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts? With podcasting trending toward a dominant medium, those who are on the fence about starting a show may be even more nervous to take the plunge. 

On this episode of Cyberly, Blythe Brumleve gives some perspective and context around those podcasting stats to hopefully encourage you to start and see the value in your own company-branded show. 

She hosts the experts and hosts of the podcast Trucking for Millennials, Aaron Dunn and Michael Clements, to talk about hitting 100 episodes for their own podcast and how it’s helped them in other areas of their business, PDQ America. Brumleve also digs into how metrics aren’t the be-all and end-all when it comes to measuring success of shows.

Kristy Knichel of Knichel Logistics also joins the show to talk about taking over the family business, the power of networking and why mentoring matters so much. 

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