On today’s episode, Dooner and The Dude are talking about a U.S. company that’s suing “collusive” ocean carriers and alleging price manipulation. Jon Monroe, founder, Monroe Consulting, tries to help us make sense of this market and what’s going on between shippers and carriers.

In the past three years, C.H. Robinson’s renewable energy business has grown by 654% as the sector rushes toward an expected sevenfold growth to $2.15 trillion worldwide by 2025. And today, these industry feats face another major hurdle: one of the most volatile transportation markets in history. Jim Mancini, VP of North American Surface Transportation at C.H. Robinson, helps us get a handle on it.

Trent Broberg, CEO at Acertus, gets us up to speed on the looming surge in vehicle production.

Ayeshah Abuelhiga, founder and CEO, Mason Dixie Foods, talks about the logistics of biscuits.

We #PlayItForward with Jason Myers, Icarus Witch bassist and account executive at The Content Factory. He’ll also give us PR and promo tips for your freight businesses.

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