Naegeli Machine Movers worked at U.S. Merchants brand new facility at 10610 Telge Rd. Houston, TX.  They unloaded (40) 1200 Ton Plastic Injection Machines (70k each) and (10) 1300 Ton Plastic Injection Machines (88k each) upon arrival from the Port of Freeport with our 100k, 36k & 15k forklifts, uncrating and placing into position and setting the Robots in the shop.

Here is what they had to say:

US MERCHANTS with production facilities in California, Virginia and Canada, expanded it’s operations and opened up an operation in Houston, TX earlier this year. After an extensive vetting process, Naegeli  Transportation was awarded the contract to provide the turn-key rigging operations to receive, offload, unpack, move and place a total of 40 Injection Molding Machines and the associated equipment into our facility. The decision to award Naegeli was based on their experience and overall track record over the years in the industry and proved to be the right one. The entire Naegeli team did not only meet, but far exceeded our expectations, every component of the machines and the equipment were handled safely and efficiently and the work was completed ahead of time. We appreciate and thank Naegeli Transportation for their partnership and highly recommend their team of experts.