On today’s episode, NASA lands on the show to talk with Dooner and The Dude about moving monster-sized rockets on barges. The final piece of the world’s most powerful rocket – Space Launch System (SLS) – sailed into NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Center on April 25 after a 900-mile journey aboard the one-of-a-kind Pegasus barge. The 212-foot-tall rocket core stage is the final piece for the 2021 Artemis 1 launch. We’ll find out how it all came together.

Plus, MTS Logistics’ 11th Annual Bike for Autism; moving freight in Latin America; a heist at Lowe’s; air cargo handlers steal gold bars; the public is afraid of autonomous trucks; a trucking company shutdown is among Canada’s largest since the pandemic began; and Amazon AmaZen booths called “despair closets.”

They’re joined by special guests Cliff Lanham, senior vehicle operations manager of exploration ground systems at NASA; Lili Villareal, spacecraft and offline operations manager at NASA; Sedat Saka, CEO of MTS Logistics; and Diego Bertezzolo, co-founder and CEO of Avancargo.

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