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Sales is a grind; it’s often difficult, thankless work that ends in more no answers than yes answers. So how do you make that grind pay off?

FreightWaves Executive Publisher Kevin Hill and SONAR Account Executive Richie Daigle break it down on this episode of Put That Coffee Down. 

They discuss the science behind the grind of hard work and use MLB player Sean Kazmar Jr. as an example of hustling hard. They then dive into the newest capabilities of FreightWaves’ SONAR platform: carbon data tracking. 

Daigle and Hill welcome Trucking Tower founder and CEO Andy Hedrick to the show for an in-depth discussion about prospecting and lead generation. Hedrick explains how prospecting is one of the first steps to developing a sales pipeline and closing deals. 

He also talks about how important cold outreach is whether it is over the phone or by email.

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