Electric vehicles are increasingly penetrating the freight market, especially in terminal yards where there is no range anxiety. Enter another deal for expanding EVs in the yard.

Georgia-based yard management firm Lazer Spot on Thursday signed a two-year contract with heavy-duty electric vehicle manufacturer Orange EV to purchase more than 25 electric yard spotters.

Lazer Spot should get its next round of yard spotters in the fourth quarter of 2021, according to Orange EV. All 25-plus of the EVs are expected to be deployed by the end of 2022.

“Orange EV is clearly the industry leader for electric yard truck innovations. They invented and manufactured the first one. Our past successful experience with them allows Lazer Spot to stay ahead and ensure we’re utilizing proven technology and receiving the best-performing and most reliable electric yard trucks available today,” Adam Newsome, CEO at Lazer Spot, said in a release.

Orange EV’s data and customer case studies indicated its customers have 75% less downtime than diesel yard trucks and up to 80% lower maintenance and repair costs. Switching from diesel to electric yard trucks is also saving customers approximately 90% in fuel-related costs, according to Orange EV.

With fewer maintenance and repair needs, lower fuel costs, less downtime, increased reliability, and zero tailpipe emissions, EV spotters are growing in popularity. Because the trucks and the charging stations are all located in the yard, drivers have no range anxiety, and trucks can be charged whenever there is downtime.

In a previous interview with FreightWaves, Newsome said sustainability and driver satisfaction have improved, with no drop-off in productivity.

“Orange EV is proud to provide Lazer Spot with clean solutions that are good for the bottom line,” said Wayne Mathisen, CEO at Orange EV, in the release. “While other EV trucks are early-stage, Orange EV has a proven track record, delivering trucks that are both environmentally and economically sustainable, with demonstrated lower total cost of ownership.”

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