KeepTruckin has expanded its portfolio of offerings to small fleets with a new Fuel Hub. The solution utilizes telematics data and artificial intelligence to identify driver and vehicle fuel efficiency, helping fleets locate potential fuel cost leaks.

“The Fuel Hub is the first AI-driven fuel efficiency program,” said Shoaib Makani, CEO of KeepTruckin. “Our 90,000 customers spent more than $5 billion on fuel last year. We know that with deeper context and visibility into the factors that affect fuel consumption, we can help our customers take a precise approach to manage their fuel spend and reduce waste, improving their bottom line while also reducing their carbon footprint.”

The company said that actionable insights generated from the data analysis, which is collected from KeepTruckin’s Vehicle Gateway system, can drive 10% fuel cost saving on an annual basis. KeepTruckin’s technologies capture billions of data points on a daily basis from over 400,000 vehicles, it said. Users of Fuel Hub are able to benchmark their vehicles’ performance against that vast dataset and then drill down to the specific performance of each vehicle or driver in the fleet. Data points include over-rpm, idling, braking and vehicle make/model/year.

“We apply machine learning on top of that data to analyze driver and vehicle efficiency and then pattern match that information against one of the largest networks of vehicles in North America to determine the efficiency profile of a driver and vehicle relative to their peers,” Jai Ranganathan, senior vice president of product, explained to FreightWaves. “Better applying this existing fleet data means we can help fleets reduce one of their largest operating costs with unprecedented accuracy. These suggestions for how to improve their bottom line in one central hub is a game changer.”

Customers can identify trends and outliers and measure a driver or vehicle against their peers.

“Fleet managers can see the entirety of their fleets’ fuel metrics but can also quickly identify their best- and worst-performing drivers and vehicles,” Ranganathan added. “This allows them to take immediate action to minimize poor fuel performance — whether it’s coaching a driver on specific behaviors or selling a vehicle that is contributing to waste.”

Ranganathan noted that the ability to compare drivers and vehicles against thousands of connected vehicles adds additional insights into performance that most fleets are unable to see.

KeepTruckin estimates fuel waste at $3 billion a year for idling alone. The Fuel Hub is currently offered to all KeepTruckin Pro and Enterprise customers. A KeepTruckin Vehicle Gateway is required.

“We automatically pinpoint wasteful behaviors enabling operations departments to be more effective at their jobs,” Ranganathan said. “So our clients can know exactly where to focus efforts, we highlight the specific wasteful behaviors, such as hard braking, over rpm and average driving speed. These actionable suggestions readily available at clients’ fingertips in the Fuel Hub means they can immediately correct risks and inefficiencies to drive impactful bottom-line improvements — or inversely, reward drivers with good fuel economy for retention.”

Ranganathan also added that the ability to identify gas guzzling vehicles could help reduce maintenance costs through fixing vehicle issues and will lead to more efficient cost per mile.

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