In a recent Workhound study, 16.2% of drivers’ negative comments were based on training and safety concerns at their current trucking company. 

The study found companies that focused on creating healthy communication for these concerns, such as consistent feedback on drivers’ skills, stood a better chance of producing a positive work environment, leading to better retention and recruiting.

In pursuit of that positive environment and greater overall safety, the fleet management solutions company KeepTruckin has launched AI Dashcam, powered by advanced event intelligence software to provide drivers with daily feedback on their driving performance.

The dashcam will provide fleet managers and drivers with 1440p HD resolution and up to 104 hours of camera storage. It has a Quick Capture feature to supply drivers with film to review mistakes and defend themselves in claim and accident scenarios, as well as tools to improve their skills.

“Quality and value will always win over time,” said KeepTruckin co-founder and CEO Shoaib Makani. “KeepTruckin is obsessively focused on building the highest-quality products that solve the most pressing problems our customers are facing, and we know safety and efficiency are always top of the list. Our new AI Dashcam detects unsafe driving with unrivaled accuracy, helping our customers grow their businesses and ultimately make our roads safer.”

While drivers occasionally distrust technology like this to evaluate their overall performance, KeepTruckin aims to empower them through its proprietary DRIVE risk score. 

Connected to over 400,000 vehicles in the company’s network, DRIVE gives a comprehensive view of driver capabilities benchmarked against the network. It automatically spots areas for improvement so drivers can request coaching to improve their safe driving miles.

While a proposed insurance liability hike to $2 million was absent from the recent infrastructure bill approved by the U.S. Senate, many companies still struggle with high and rising premiums. These increases have fleet safety managers looking for creative ways to maintain safety and provide insurance companies with proof of satisfactory performance.

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According to KeepTruckin, using these tools to review and coach drivers can reduce accidents by 30%.

“Previously, we could never proactively see what was happening on the road, and now we can,” said Rob Carpenter, director of safety and compliance at Groome Transportation based in Richmond, Virginia. “The KeepTruckin AI-powered safety platform supercharges my safety department and drives company wide ROI. We can reduce claims, get in front of preventing accidents, improve driver performance, and most importantly: keep all of our passengers safe.”

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