This fireside chat recap is from Day 1 of FreightWaves’ LIVE @HOME.

FIRESIDE CHAT TOPIC: Achieve supply chain agility through nimble transportation and logistics insurance

DETAILS: Insurance has historically been slow to change and embrace the pace supply chains move. Through new technology, transportation and logistics professionals can leverage tech-enabled products to reduce insurance costs and edge out the competition.

SPEAKERS: Laura Ann Howell, COO of Reliance Partners, and Mark Vickers, EVP of international logistics at Reliance Partners.

BIOS: Howell joined Chattanooga, Tennessee-based Reliance Partners in 2015. As COO, she drives the agency toward its mission to be the leader in the transportation and logistics insurance industries. Vickers joined Reliance Partners in February after the company acquired Borderless Coverage, which he founded in 2018.


“Finding solutions for the marketplace means understanding the marketplace.”

“A lot of the solutions that we bring to the market today are tech enabled. One of the buzzwords we talk about constantly is insurtech. All that means is finding a way to quickly distribute the insurance product to make sure that your supply chain needs are met and connected at speed.” 


“The industry calls the cross-border shipping industry between the U.S.-Mexico as the black hole for several reasons. One is visibility. There’s also inspections. It’s hard to get pure visibility on where your freight is at. There’s also almost no access to Mexican cargo insurance.”  

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