Tracking, visibility and monitoring shipments are all big problems logistics providers look to solve for their customers and many turn to tech solutions to do so. 

Kevin Hill and Richie Daigle dig into some of those tech solutions on this episode of Put That Coffee Down during FreightWaves LIVE @HOME. 

They welcome Robin Jaacks, senior vice president of international growth at project44, to talk about big disruptions in the freight markets and how project44 is helping clients be prepared to navigate those disruptions. Jaacks talks about how visibility tools can give companies a competitive edge and add a sense of security for shipments. 

Second up on the show is Justin Bailie, co-founder and chief strategy officer at Rose Rocket, and he talks about how tech is imperative for nailing sales across multiple industries, but especially in selling freight. 

Bailie says it is so important for transportation providers to have a transportation management system in place to cater to the expectations and high standards of customers. Having that tech makes access to real-time communication and information way easier for transportation providers and shifts stress from employees to the tech-based system. 

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