Four FreightTech companies demonstrated their innovative technology solutions during  FreightWaves LIVE @HOME on Wednesday. 


SkyBitz’s smart trailer technology helps fleets increase load capacity and find empty trailers using SkyCamera and non-volumetric cargo sensors. Users can set up notifications and can view an image of the inside of a trailer to decide whether more cargo can be added.

Check out the demo to learn how artificial intelligence makes maximizing your cube simple.

Deep Cognition

Deep Cognition has developed PaperEntry AI, a data extraction software that automates commercial invoices, bills of lading and packing lists and integrates them into a company’s transportation management system or enterprise resource planning system.

Check out the demo to find out more about Deep Cognition’s data entry automation software. 

HERE Technologies

HERE Technologies provides real-time visibility to help companies navigate complex last-mile deliveries. HERE’s software development kit provides fast upload times that users can customize by incorporating private points of interest.

Check out the demo to find out how HERE can help optimize your company’s last-mile deliveries.


Turvo helps logistics professionals deliver a better supply chain experience by increasing productivity. The company’s platform allows shippers, brokers and carriers to work together in real time, providing shipment visibility through its Al-powered productivity tools.

Check out the demo to see how Turvo can increase your company’s productivity.