Turvo, provider of the world’s leading collaboration application for the supply chain, announced a new partnership and integration with FreightWaves, bringing FreightWaves SONAR data to the company’s collaborative logistics platform. FreightWaves SONAR is the most comprehensive freight data platform in the industry.

“COVID-19 blew up the system in terms of reliable historical data. It showed us how difficult it can be to make business decisions while relying on outdated information,” said Craig Fuller, founder and CEO of FreightWaves. “Success in the supply chain comes down to how accurate your information is and how quickly you can act on it. SONAR brings near real-time data to the supply chain allowing participants to more effectively and successfully navigate shifting markets.”

Scott Lang, Chairman and CEO of Turvo

We’re excited to bring a greater level of actionable visibility to our customers’ supply chains,” said Scott Lang, Chairman & CEO at Turvo. “By bringing SONAR’s freight data into Turvo, our customers will have timely, actionable intelligence right in their workflow as they manage and tender shipments. In Turvo Analytics, SONAR data will enable our customers to take a global view of their operations, helping them better understand lane profitability and margins, identify trends, and uncover opportunities to optimize their operations.”

FreightWaves SONAR aggregates freight data from more than 1,000 transportation and logistics sources ranging from IoT vendors, transportation management systems (TMS), telematics providers, on-truck sensors, payment providers, fuel vendors, third-party logistics providers, shippers and carriers representing 85% of the electronic tenders in the market. Importantly, most of the data in SONAR is based on what happened in the market within the past 24 hours. This perspective gives SONAR a near-time view of market conditions from data sets generated by executed TMS and telematics activity.

“Ultimately, we want to provide our customers with the best experience possible,” continued Lang. “That means not only having the best data, but being able to access and analyze it in a single place. Turvo’s unique architecture unifies systems, data, and people  in context, so customers can make smarter decisions.”

About Turvo

Turvo provides the world’s leading collaboration application designed specifically for the supply chain. Turvo connects people and organizations allowing shippers, logistics providers, and carriers to unite their supply chains, deliver outstanding customer experiences, collaborate in real-time, and accelerate growth. The technology unifies all systems, internal and external, providing one end-to-end solution to execute all operations and analytics while eliminating redundant manual tasks and automating business processes. Turvo customers include some of the world’s largest, Fortune 500 logistics service providers, shippers and freight brokers. Turvo is based in the San Francisco Bay Area with offices in Dallas, Texas, and Hyderabad, India.

Turvo’s new innovation center puts collaborative logistics at the center of Hyderabad’s tech ecosystem. (Photo: Turvo)

About FreightWaves

FreightWaves is the world’s leading provider of freight market forecasting, data, news and analysis. Logistics and supply chain firms depend on FreightWaves for benchmarking, analytics, monitoring and forecasting of pricing, capacity, demand, energy and carbon intelligence. The company provides the freshest data and market insights through SONAR, a subscription SaaS platform, and through the world’s largest streaming media network focused on logistics and supply chain information. 

FreightWaves SONAR provides near real-time freight market data and supply chain intelligence to 500+ enterprises. FreightWaves Carbon Intelligence provides supply chain firms with transparency on carbon emissions and solutions to achieve carbon neutrality. 

FreightWaves Media operates the FreightWaves, American Shipper and Modern Shipper brands. FreightWaves Media serves more than 1.5 million unique monthly visitors on its websites, generates 15 million monthly minutes of streaming TV and 100,000 monthly podcast downloads.