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It can be difficult to walk the line between persistence and annoyance when it comes to repeatedly contacting prospects, and your potential value strongly affects how close you can get to that line without crossing it. 

On this episode of Put That Coffee Down, Kevin Hill and Richie Daigle talk about why even the best pitches can fail if sellers do not properly circle back around after the pitch is delivered. 

They welcome Nick Dangles, co-founder of Kinetic, to discuss frequency of follow-ups and how you have to build value and agreement on every single call. If you aren’t doing this in your follow-ups, then you are losing out and leaving money on the table.

The three break down seven steps to ensuring a great follow-up:

Use a follow-up schedule.
Use different contact methods (phone, email, DM, video, etc.)
Think about your timeline. Each product and service is different. 
Keep your messaging simple and to the point. 
Keep details of each follow-up outcome. 
Always get agreement on next steps.
Track email opens and click-throughs.

They say if you do that, your odds of making a sale and keeping a client go through the roof.

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