Last-mile logistics services provider DeliverEnd is partnering with contactless shopping company Perfit to establish an end-to-end, same-day local delivery solution for online shoppers. The partnership will combine DeliverEnd’s scalable last-mile delivery solutions and driver networks with Perfit’s suite of online marketplaces, allowing consumers to make purchases online and receive them the same day – all without human interaction.

“We are excited to partner with Perfit to bring convenience, safety and accountability to the at-home shopping and same-day delivery business,” said DeliverEnd founder and CEO Nick Turner in a press release Friday.

A game-changer for local businesses

Confined by lockdowns and resigned to working at home, consumers have gradually drifted toward online shopping and e-commerce and away from traditional brick-and-mortar stores. But while larger retailers like Target and Walmart have generally been able to implement digital transformations without a hitch, it’s a much taller task for locally based sellers. That’s where DeliverEnd and Perfit’s solution comes in.

Via Perfit’s digital shopping platform, consumers have a wide range of capabilities at their disposal when shopping locally, including multi-store bundling, item consolidation, secure payments and store inventory management through the use of APIs. Combine that with DeliverEnd’s delivery fleet and buyers can continue to shop at the local businesses they know and love without ever needing to leave the house.

“Perfit is leading the way in scaling and perfecting the e-commerce capabilities of traditional brick-and-mortar stores,” Turner said. “DeliverEnd’s advanced local delivery and logistics capabilities will enhance this process to seamlessly connect to Perfit’s solution to make sure customers receive their orders from local stores quickly and safely.”


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While DeliverEnd’s fleet currently covers only the Indianapolis area, the company has plans to expand into 20 major cities by the end of 2021, including Boston and Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. Turner said he also plans on scaling from 22 employees to over 100 by year’s end.

CEOs and analysts are talking about DeliverEnd like it’s the next local unicorn – a privately held company with a value exceeding $1 billion – and for good reason. With a massive expansion, a slew of angel investors and now a deal with Perfit in place, the sky may be the limit for Turner and DeliverEnd.

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