Internet security experts will tell you that it’s savvy to have a different password for everything, but the reality is that most of us stick to one or two. It’s not because we’re inviting a security breach — it’s just easier.

End-to-end e-commerce-as-a-service provider would probably agree. The company on Tuesday announced its acquisition of e-commerce 3PL provider Sauceda Industries in a move that will help it integrate just about every aspect of e-commerce under one umbrella, allowing retailers to use one platform for all of their operations.

“Nobody starts an online store so they can get into the warehousing business. That’s why order fulfillment is the No. 1 pain point as e-commerce founders build their brands,” said Saheb Sabharwal, chief logistics officer of “Our brand-obsessed operations experts provide not only end-to-end logistics expertise but also strategic guidance and seamless integration across the entire e-commerce ecosystem — from using customer data to optimize inventory storage locations, to ensuring that marketing campaigns are targeted at geographies where stock is available.”


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Read: Capacity issues keep e-commerce shippers on their toes’s end-to-end solution utilizes its own suite of fully integrated software, expert services and infrastructure, offering its 2,000-plus brands solutions that include online store software, digital marketing and advertising services, fulfillment services, financial services, and customer service capabilities. The company has expanded its footprint tenfold in 2021, adding eight fulfillment centers with the capacity to handle 50,000 packages a day.

New acquisition Sauceda, meanwhile, supports brands in need of omnichannel fulfillment support. Sauceda is integrated with some of the leading e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, Amazon, Etsy, eBay and Walmart, to offer services including direct-to-consumer fulfillment, subscriptions fulfillment, business-to-business fulfillment, storage-as-a-service and fulfillment by Amazon prep.

“In the past eight years the Sauceda Industries team has shown that people-focused brands are served best by a brand-focused 3PL,” said Jay B. Sauceda, co-founder and CEO. “By joining the family, we’ll be able to bring that vision to an even bigger audience, and give brands across North America the scalable, customer and people-centric logistical support they need to realize their full potential.”

E-commerce growth has increasingly incentivized brands to do more with less as industry consolidation becomes the norm. Companies only want to use one password — now, with’s added capital and resources capable of scaling the Sauceda model, they can.

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