On this episode of Midday Market Update, Kaylee Nix and Michael Vincent explore the changing landscape of the FreightWavesTV lineup and talk to some experts about where the market is headed next. 

First up in headlines, Andrew Cox discusses how one Texas company is leaving harmful waste on the roads after filing for bankruptcy, how XPO is performing after the first quarter and how one major air freighter is planning on cutting back on emissions. 

Vincent and Nix welcome Kyle Lintner, managing partner at K-Ratio, to the show. They talk about what is most important to look out for in the coming months to manage capacity issues and keep freight moving. Lintner and Vincent also promote their new show Benchmarking, Analyzing, Monitoring and Forecasting, which will hit FreightWavesTV with Zach Strickland soon.

Second up is Laurance Alvarado, founder and CEO of Warecap. Alvarado explains how his company is helping shift places like warehouses and truck yards to more usable space, which allows more efficient use of assets. 

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