E-commerce is the leader in shopping behavior now, thanks in part to technology advances and the COVID-19 pandemic. As companies grow their e-comm strategies, they need more people filling back-office roles like customer support to ensure consumers are getting the best buying experience possible. 

With a tight labor market and more jobs than there are applicants, how are companies filling those roles and keeping consumer expectations high? Aaron Kemmer, founder and CEO of Magic, aims to solve this problem with back-office hiring at a scalable level. 

Kemmer joins Kaylee Nix on this episode of At Your Doorstep to talk about how the pandemic has accelerated companies’ needs for good back-office staff and how more groups are sourcing labor outside the United States to fill those roles. He also discusses how Magic is working to build a cohesive network of employees ready for companies to deploy as e-commerce strategy wizards. 

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