The American Trucking Associations recently launched a competition for the nation’s most professional drivers, the 2021 National Battle of the States: Virtual Truck Driving Championship. 

“Our industry has braved the front line, providing essential services and delivering goods to American households throughout the nation in the fight against COVID-19. It’s yet another reason to celebrate our industry heroes – truck drivers,” said ATA president and CEO Chris Spear in a statement. “The National Battle of the States: Virtual Truck Driving Championships will provide our industry an opportunity to recognize the best of the best in our industry.”

Drivers must compete in the state their license is issued in or within the state their company has corporate domicile. Drivers can only compete within one state as well. 

Any driver with a CDL and/or a drivers license and has been employed by the same motor carrier since August 23, 2020 with no accidents is invited to compete. 

“We congratulate all drivers who have driven accident-free over the past year and the scores who have accumulated millions of accident-free miles,” said Spear. “Thank you for every mile you run and every delivery you make. You make your families, our industry and country proud. You all are heroes.”

The first round will take place on July 31 and consist of a state-level trivia competition.  Participants will be asked 40 questions based on federal, state and state laws and trucking history and culture. 

The final round of the event will take place on August 14. The top 10 champions of each state will be invited for the final round of trivia.

The group had previously canceled its annual National Truck Driving Championships and the National Step Van Championship, which was planned for August.

“NTDC is annually one of the highlights of the ATA calendar, and we are very happy to bring the ‘Super Bowl of Safety’ back in this virtual format,” Spear said.  

States participating in this round can be found on the ATAs’ event website.

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