On Tuesday, Arrive Logistics, a freight brokerage based in Austin, Texas, launched an online freight portal called Carrier EDGE and a partnership with TriumphPay, both aimed at creating an elevated experience for their carrier partners.

“We’re really excited to add a technology piece that will be a huge asset for our carriers,” said Justin Frees, the chief capacity officer at Arrive, in an interview with FreightWaves. “Carrier EDGE is designed to provide an experience that makes it as easy as possible to do business with Arrive.”

The new online portal, built with proprietary technology, will be accessible to carriers through desktop or a mobile application, giving the carrier the ability to handle the full life cycle of a load from accepting load offers to submitting paperwork for payment.

Carrier Edge platform (Video: Arrive Logistics – Vimeo)

Carrier EDGE will offer carriers the ability to bid on Arrive’s available loads, giving carriers the option to book a load instantly or make a counteroffer at a different rate.

The carriers can also manage the full transit of a load within the application, avoiding over-the-phone interactions that can slow a carrier’s day down. Inversely, as some carriers prefer to speak to representatives directly, Carrier EDGE gives them direct access to those representatives within the application as well. 

Arrive Chief Technology Officer Michael Senftleber explained how important it was for his team to build a product that could work for any carrier, regardless of how it operates.

“Carrier Edge is user-experience driven,” he said. “If you just want to get on [the platform] and do business from there, we’re there for you. If you want to get on the phone with your rep and chat about what you’re thinking for next quarter, we’re there to have those conversations. … We worked very closely with the carriers to ensure we are providing an easy system to get the answer to the questions you want answered but in a straightforward simple way.”

Carrier representatives at the brokerage are excited to offer this technology to their carrier partners and focus their attention on what they love doing most: building carrier relationships.

“We always tell people we have three customers,” Frees said. “We have shippers, we have carriers and our employees. There is a lot of competition out there [for those employees]. Part of our job is to make our people’s lives easier. If it’s easy for them to do business with their carriers, then their life becomes more efficient as well.”

Arrive’s partnership with TriumphPay allows carriers to send in load paperwork through the new technology platform and manage their payments, factor invoices and request QuickPay.

Frees pointed out the importance of having a value-adding partnership like this to build a great relationship with carriers.

“I think so many people miss what we like to call the ‘administrative burden,’” Frees said. “Some people think the lanes and the rates are all carriers care about. It is so not true in a lot of cases. Even if the rates are strong and the lanes are what they need, if it is a nightmare on the back end, it may not be worth it for them to do business with you.”

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