Agero, a company that provides driver assistance services for automakers and insurance companies, has introduced Vehicle Transport to enable automotive manufacturers, dealers and fleet management groups to sell, trade and transfer vehicles to and from body shops and auctions without contact. 

“We understand, for the fleet customers, that keeping their vehicle assets on the road is of most importance,” said Cathy Orrico, the chief client officer of Agero, in a message to FreightWaves. “We’re proud to partner with fleets of all sizes to keep them on the road through a combination of transparent technology, highly trained contact center support and a vetted and national network of tow operators specialized in the medium- and heavy-duty space.”

Agero manages one of the largest national networks of service providers, with over 150 million vehicle coverage partners with leading automobile manufacturers and insurance carriers. According to its website, Agero responds to more than 12 million service events annually as a member of The Cross Country Group, a private equity company focused on growing sustainable long-haul companies. 

Agero has partnerships with companies like AirKit, a roadside assistance technology; Checkr, a roadside technician vetting service; Towbook, a towing platform; and TrueMotion, a crash detection API.

Vehicle Transport leverages these partnerships with Agero’s Swoop Dealer Portal to quickly get drivers back on the road after breakdowns or accidents.

“Our Swoop software, which runs our vehicle transport, emergency maintenance and breakdown service programs, has a robust algorithm that drives selection logic for determining the mechanism for servicing the truck – whether it is on road with our mobile repair team or the specific dealership location with the right technicians to service the trucks,” said Orrico.

Agero’s technology suite can help these drivers be proactive with vehicle maintenance and find a replacement vehicle in times of need.

“Our Vehicle Transport service augments the emergency maintenance and breakdown services by making it easier to transfer a replacement vehicle between locations,” Orrico said.

She added, “We are evaluating the use of vehicle condition codes for proactive service communication.”   

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